Serbia’s new cabinet will be formed within the coming two months, the country’s incumbent Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic who won the presidential election on Sunday.

“A new government will be set up within two months,” he said.

Vucic thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin, both of whom he met during the election campaign. Serbia will continue its pro-European policy but is going to maintain friendly relations with Russia and China, Vucic said.

“The vast majority of Serbian citizens support continuation of reforms, continuation of the European path of development for Serbia with maintaining traditional friendship with Russia and China, continuation of hard work,” he said.

“For me it is important this election demonstrated that a large majority of Serbian citizens favours the continuation of the European path while maintaining close ties with China and Russia,” Vučić told cheering supporters.

European Union Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn has congratulated Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on his “convincing” victory in a presidential election over the weekend, saying he was “looking forward” to working together on the Balkan state’s accession to the bloc.

Analysts say filling positions in the new cabinet and appointing a new Prime Minister will be one of the knottiest tasks from the President-Elect. Most observers tend to think the Prime Minister will be a rather technical figure and Vucic will exercise full control over him or her.

Otherwise, he may face a replay of the situation that President Tomislav Nikolic found himself in.

When Vucic took the Prime Minister’s position and became leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (Nikolic refused to accept the leading position in party to avoid a conflict of interests), he got so much influence that Nikolic had to renounce struggle for a second term of office in spite of his initial plans to run for presidency again.