Abundant precipitation is expected throughout Serbia in the week ahead, through April 24, the Hydro-Meteorological Institute (RHMZ) announced on Monday.

Tuesday will be mostly clear and cold, with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius in some areas. Later during the day, clouds will bring rain, and snow in the mountains.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be overcast, cold, windy, rainy, with snow forming 10 to 30 centimeter cover in areas over 800 meters above sea level.

Short spells of snowfall are also possible in lower-lying areas overnight and during the morning on Friday.

On Wednesday, severe weather warning will be in effect for western, southeastern, and southwestern areas of central Serbia, and Kosovo and Metohija (orange), and in the rest of the country (yellow).
The weekend will be cold with frost in the morning hours, and mostly sunny and a little warmer during the day.

More clouds are expected on Monday.