During the winter our skin suffers negative effects of cold and is now, when the spring is coming, ready for regeneration. To this purpose you should try something that isn’t part of the daily care but can cheer you up in a moment – fragrant and delicate body butters.

Mango seed butter

Mango butter is of bright yellow color, semi-solid at room temperature, and is made by pressing kernels of mango. In contact with skin it melts quickly and has lubricant effect. This butter improves elasticity and moisture of the skin. It is believed to have anti-age effect and to be good in removing acne scars.

Mango butter is most often found in the formulation of soaps, creams and lotions for moisturizing, lipstick and body butter. It gives them excellent lubricity and beautiful exotic scent.

Coconut butter or oil

Coconut butter (or oil) is very often found in body lotions, face masks, lip balsams, products for sunbathing, soaps and make-up products.

Coconut oil is of white color, semi-solid at room temperature and can also be found in the form of butter. It is very popular as many use it for home made cosmetics. Both coconut oil and butter can be directly applied to skin, as they are nicely absorbed giving the skin exotic scent of coconut.

Coconut oil, or butter, softens sore skin and also protects it from sun and wind.

Shea butter

Shea butter is of bright yellow or ivory color, solid at room temperature, and is made by extraction of the fruit of the shea tree. Shea butter is very popular ingredient of natural, organic cosmetics, as well as products for treatment of certain skin problems.

Shea butter has a calming effect on the skin, reduces itching and irritation which is why it is the most common ingredient of products for skin with eczema, with anti-age effect, but also products for babies and children. It is very good to use for skin care after sunbathing.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is of light beige color. It is relatively solid but melts in contact with skin. It is used in lotions, soaps, creams for dry skin, lip balms and lipsticks.

Cocoa butter intensively hydrates and feeds the skin, so it is especially recommended for dry and damaged skin, for lips and hair. It improves elasticity of the skin and works against fatigue. It is also considered to be a natural sun protection factor.