Syrians consider Serbs first victims of NWO and last knights in Europe

Syria Army - Illustration

Serbian cameraman Miodrag Stojicic, who works for Italy’s RAI, has told a Belgrade daily about his work in the war zones in Iraq and Syria.

“Millions of people have been killed since 2003 in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen. The dead, left inside the ruins of razed cities or in the desert sand, will never be counted,” Stojicic told Vecernje Novosti, and added:

“Millions have left their homes with just a plastic bag and have no place to return to. A global horror is happening in the Middle East, only bits of which people around the world are able to see thanks to TV cameras.”

Stojicic began his career as a war reporter in Beirut in 1980, and has since worked in Libya, Chad, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

“As a Serb man from Nis, my strongest impression from the Syrian war madness is the fact they completely idealize us and love us just like they love the Russians. They (Syrians) consider the Serbs the first victims of the new world order, and the last knights in Europe who took up arms to resist the North-Atlantic monster. Even today everyone here knows about Milosevic, but also about Tito. We are especially appreciated by their military, by the officers. You’re a Serb – therefore, you’re a friend,” Stojicic said.

According to the cameraman, the causes of the conflict in the Middle East fall under the “squaring of the circle” – Turkey, Israel, the Kurds also have their calculations, in the geopolitical calculations of Russia, America, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

In this equation, some interests are “centuries-old constants,” but new variable vectors emerge every day, introduced by one of the sides, he says.

Stojcic also thinks that Islamic State will be defeated, perhaps as early as next year, but that “the caliphate” will make a comeback a few years later in Iraq, Syria, Libya, in the Caucasus, and even in Bosnia – “because 250 million Sunni Muslims believe in that idea.”



  1. “They (Syrians) consider the Serbs the first victims of the new world order, and the last knights in Europe who took up arms to resist the North-Atlantic monster.”

    Their neighbors, the Iraqis, were hit by the NWO tactics just before the Serbs were. For instance, you had and Operation Storm on Iraq in early 1991, and then one on Croatian Serbs in August 1995.
    Iraq was an early and continual sufferer of the NWO and they did fight back from 2003 to about 2007 before the Iraqi Resistance was essentially quelled by money under General Petreaus (sp?).
    Syria needs to make less deals with the terrors and rebels as the recent massacre of kids (who were lured close by packages of chips/potato chips before a car bomb went off) was perpetrated by a rebel terrorist who was evacuated to Idlib last month.