Christians around the world celebrate Good Friday, when, according to belief, Jesus Christ died crucified on the cross. It is a non-working day of strict fasting and contemplation.

“Good Friday is a joyful sorrow. It is not desperation, it is not grief for the late Jesus”, said professor Ljubomir Stojanovic from the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade.

“This is a day of saving joy”, he adds and recalls that on Good Friday Christ opens the doors to Heaven and takes repentant robber through them. “Also, on the cross, he omnipotent exclaims: Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing! Thus he leaves to us, who call ourselves Christians, ideal of life”, said professor Stojanovic for RTS.

Good Friday is considered as the saddest day of Christianity. On that day there liturgies are not performed. It is customary to paint Easter eggs, usually in red, symbolizing the blood of Christ.

On Good Friday one does not sing, celebrate, and from Holy Thursday to Easter (Sunday) when, according to belief, Jesus was resurrected, church bells do not ring, because in Orthodox Church they are symbol of joy, but the time of worship and announcing deaths is announced with wooden clapper.