Religious festivities in Kosovo during last week’s Easter holidays were under threat from extremists.

This is according to US Army Colonel Corwin Lusk, commander of KFOR’s Multinational Battle Group East.

The general threat was from Islamic extremists targeting Catholic and Orthodox churches over the Easter holidays, Lusk has said on TV Mreza’s Slobodno Srpski Serbian-language talk show.

This was the officer’s response when asked about terror warnings issued on Easter by US embassies in Tirana and Pristina.

Despite this, Lusk continued, people in Kosovo should not be overly concerned for their safety, as Kosovo is very safe compared to other “countries.”

Lusk also said that KFOR has very good cooperation with the Serbian Army, while, according to him, the transformation of the KSF into an army should be up to citizens and institutions of Kosovo, as this is not a question for KFOR or NATO.

According to him, KSF’s transformation would not influence KFOR, considering that whether the mission remains or leaves “depends on whether Kosovo is safe or not.”
Lusk said that it would not be strange for two military formations to exist in Kosovo – KFOR and the Kosovo Army – along with their two commands, and noted that his country currently has about 500 soldiers in Kosovo.