The US Embassy in Pristina urged its citizens in Kosovo to be more careful in the following days, during religious holidays and large gatherings and manifestations. All this, according to embassy’s statement, because of possible terrorist attacks.

Call to American citizens in Kosovo can also be applied to other people in Kosovo, to stay away from crowds, to be careful during public gatherings because both Catholic and Orthodox religious communities are celebrating Easter.

The statement says that terrorists in the region have planned earlier to attack sensitive targets, including churches and places of worship, pedestrian centers, sports facilities and public gatherings.

In this regard, the US Embassy urged its citizens to reconsider their movements and intentions, to ensure personal safety.

The Kosovo police ordered to all its members to return from their vacations to service, to the twelve-hour working shifts. This engagement will last until a new decision is made by the police.

The police officials did not give reasons for this decision, they only stated that the police is obliged to, by virtue of its powers, curb danger to the public and maintain peace and order.

Before the US Embassy issued statement, the Kosovo government said that announced session is rescheduled for tomorrow, and after that a news arrived that the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa held a meeting of the National Security Council.

After the meeting it was said that the talks were about security situation and actions taken by Pristina institutions “to protect safety and constitutional order”.

There were also talks about taking steps by relevant institutions in prevention and coping with challenges in the security sector, although it was not said what those steps will be.