Russian Ambassador to Croatia, Anvar Azimov, summoned to a meeting Zvonko Zubak, Croatian businessman who deals in trafficking of arms, in order to ask him where are missing missiles from rocket system S-300, which Russia delivered to Croatia in the first half of the nineties, claims Croatian daily “Vecernji list”, without citing sources.

The President of the Russian Federation at the time was Boris Yeltsin.

Zagreb based daily writes that Zubak, during the war in Croatia, was a member of the group of people who were the main supplier of weapons for Croatia via their company “Winsley Finance Limited”.

“Vecernji” also claims that Azimov called Zubak to produce the entire inventory of weapons which arrived to Croatia from Russia from 1992 until 1997.

According to the daily, Russian ambassador said during the meeting with Zubak that Russia is disappointed with geopolitical commitment and behavior of Croatia and that “Croats should remember who armed and saved them at the time of international embargo”.

It is alleged that Russia seems to know what was in those years supplied to Croatia affected by the war, but it needs additional confirmation.

The list, which “Vecernji” claims to own, contains large amounts of weapons.

“The list also contains the famous missile system S-300 PMU that was partly delivered to the Republic of Croatia on the eve of Operation Storm, and which then served as psychological brake to air forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in deterring the intervention during Operation Storm. The system, according to Zvonko Zubak, has never been paid for”, writes Croatian daily.

It is also alleged that before the end of 1994 a group of soldiers and officers was formed in Croatia who went to training for using of the then most modern missile system S-300. In 1995 parts of the system that can hit all aircrafts at altitudes from 20 meters to 27 kilometers and at a distance of 200 kilometers began to arrive.

“All the protagonists agree that the complete system has never arrived to Croatia. Zubak and his partners were saying that about 80 percent of the system was delivered (except the command module with main radars), while different services of the Ministry of Defense of Croatia in later court proceedings said that 25 to 40 percent of the system arrived. Zubak has always stressed that Croatia owes about 200 million US dollars”, writes “Vecernji”.

The daily further writes that about ten months ago former Croatian President Stjepan Mesic testified before the court about the fate of this missile system.

He said that the former Prime Minister Ivica Racan notified him that the contract was signed by former Minister of Defense Gojko Susak, that the system was delivered, but not as a whole, as well as that it was partly paid.