Aleksandar Vucic says he “supports street protests” while it is “the state’s obligation to secure democratic rules for marching and making democratic appeals.”

The Serbian PM and President-elect also said that he was “happy that the state’s job is to deal with working and Serbia’s progress.”

“We will continue to do our job, while I’m pleading with them to be marching for as long as possible – all the better for me, in the political sense. The only thing I plead and wish is that it is peaceful,” Vucic said, responding to reporters’ questions.

According to him, “citizens” must understand that when it comes to protests, the state’s obligation is to respect “the minority and their political will.”

“That way we show the breadth of our understanding, democratic determination, and to what degree Serbia is a very normal place to live and express different stances and different opinions,” Vucic said.

Also late on Wednesday, citizens dissatisfied with the results of the April 2 presidential elections, that saw Vucic win in the first round, held their tenth “Protest Against Dictatorship” in Belgrade.

Several thousand people gathered for the protest that went without incidents, and with only plainclothes police visible along the route of their march.

The next rally has been called for April 18, after the Easter holiday.

Organizers of these protests remain unknown, while nobody has yet officially addressed the gatherings that bring together mostly young people and students.

Their demands – which they said must be met by April 17 – have been published on the Protiv Diktature (Against Dictatorship) Facebook page.

The protesters want “the departure of the entire political elite, headed by Vucic, fair and free elections, the sacking of members of the Election Commission (RIK) and the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media, as well as of responsible editors from the state broadcaster RTS and the provincial broadcaster in Vojvodina RTV, and severe punishment of editors of all media who violate media laws and codes.”

They also want to see “immediate dismissal of all partisan and corrupt officials in public companies,” as well as “decentralization, changed economic and social policy priorities, better rights for all workers, protection of the standard of living and fully publicly financed education and health care, accessible to all.”