Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj arrived in Pristina last night. At the airport in Pristina he was welcomed by his closest family and associates. In the city center a festive reception was organized, attended by large number of citizens.

“The idea of my extradition to Serbia would be a call to war and I was not joking when I said it”, said Haradinaj at the airport.

Haradinaj thanked all the citizens for the support, and criticized Pristina institutions saying that they were not on the level of their task.

He said that those who are at the head of Serbia today, are the same ones who fought in Kosovo.

“If they in Belgrade think that we Albanians quickly forget, they are wrong. An Albanian does not forget and we are a peaceful nation, but you cannot step on an Albanian. We have to show their place to our enemy Serbia and should do what the Croats did”, said Haradinaj to the crowd.

He also claimed that “whoever lived with Albanians has never suffered”, adding that Albanians are “respected people”.

After his short speech, a fireworks were fired from the roof of the hotel Grand.