Serbian Army General Staff Chief Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic says Serbia is currently not facing military threats, while “the security situation” is stable.

However, he added, threats do exist – through “pronounced extremism, and because of the migrant crisis.”

“We are vigilantly monitoring and appraising the situation and the degree of the endangerment of Serbia on a daily basis, and the conclusion is that today Serbia is not militarily threatened,” Dikovic has told RTS.

According to the general, the Serbian Army is “prepared to respond to all security threats” and today has at its disposal “the resources and equipment needed to respond to any possible risks.”

“During the past several months the state of our Air Force was being addressed, which had somehow fallen the furthest behind. By solving that issue, we complete a whole, especially when it comes to introducing new resources,” he said.

Dikovic said that the military exercise Steel 2017 on Victory Day, May 9, aims to present current capabilities of Serbia’s defense system to respond to security risks in the region, as well as the degree of the country’s readiness to “continue cooperation in preserving peace globally and in the region.”

“The exercise is a high-risk one. It is absolutely applicable to the missions of the Serbian Army, that is, in the tasks the VS should and can carry out,” Dikovic said.

The Army chief added that more than 40 “resources” from the defense system – either new or currently being modernized and developed – will be shown.

“We will be showing under-development resources for the first time, their characteristics and specific features, that is, their capabilities. That is not in the least easy and simple. Few dare to take that step. With these resources the VS will be stronger,” Dikovic said.

Missile and anti-armor systems Milos and Morava will be seen for the first time, the general also revealed.