Albin Kurti says one of his party’s priorities will be to annul the agreement on the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO).

Kurti is Self-Determination’s candidate for prime minister.

The agreement on the ZSO was reached during the EU-sponsored Kosovo dialogue in Brussels.
Pristina-based daily Koha Ditore is quoting Kurti as saying that the agreement can be “very easily annulled with a decision of the Constitutional Court.”

Another Albanian language daily, Epoka e Re, is reporting that a Institute for Research and Social Analyses poll ahead of the June 11 parliamentary elections in Kosovo shows the Self-Determination would place third, with just under 20 percent of votes.

According to the poll, the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK – Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK)-led coalition will be the winner with 40.82 percent, while the coalition between he Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK), the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), and the Alternative Initiative will take 30.22 percent of votes.



  1. If this happens, then Serbia should cancel/annul all the agreements and compromises it has made over Kosovo. The general theme has always been Serbia giving over powers to the Albanian-run government and putting ethnic Serbs in greater jeopardy with erosion of Serbian power.
    So, Serbia should reverse it all and also should quit striving for the EU and its empty promises.
    Greece is on the verge of defaulting, the British voted to leave the EU and other countries are quite unhappy. Serbia would do best to at least put the EU-quest on hold for a few years.


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