Former head of an OSCE mission in Kosovo William Walker did his part working on the creation of an Albanian state in Serbia’s territory, says Ivica Dacic.

Speaking on Saturday in Novi Sad, the first deputy prime minister and foreign minister added that “we see now that this is in fact the concept of a Greater Albania that former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj is talking about.”

This was Dacic’s comment on Haradinaj’s statement that Serbia must “delete” Kosovo from its Constitution, or have one third of its territory “added to Kosovo.”

“Haradinaj happens to be stupid enough to talk about this concept out loud, while they all think that secretly, and work on that secretly. However, I thank him for saying it, so that the whole world can see their concept,” Dacic told reporters, according to Beta.

The minister then criticized “the whole world” for being silent when it comes to such things, and “deaf and dumb when it’s about Serbia.”

With Foreign Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina Igor Crnadak standing by his side, Dacic asked, “What would happen in Serbia were to say similar things in the context of Bosnia-Herzegovina?”

“I would advise Haradinaj to hold (“shorten”) his tongue, because his victims… he not only shortened their tongues, he murdered them. Whereas, as you have heard, the only way he can see Nis is from prison,” Dacic added.

He was referring to Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic’s statement, who said Haradinaj could see Nis – a town in southern Serbia that often features in the Greater Albania expansionist rhetoric – “only from the Nis District prison.”

Dacic said that Serbian diplomats have been instructed to speak about all this everywhere, “with no hesitation and no mercy.”

The talk about Serbia’s Constitution, Nis, Greater Albania, and territory is happening “because things are currently not going well for Albanians.”

“Serbia is calm when it comes to such statements, not because it’s weak, but because it’s strong,” he said.

“You don’t react to every mosquito that bites you, but once you do, that’s the end. And that’s why I urge them to come to their senses,” Dacic concluded.