There has been no official information about a Military Security Agency (VBA) operation that recently reportedly netted a large quantity of weapons.

Only Belgrade-based media have reported about this, saying that several thousand rifle parts, machine guns, mortars and hand grenades were seized during “the secret operation” – as they were illegally transported through Serbia to FYROM (Macedonia).

It is also said that three organizers have been arrested, while it is certain that they had several more associates, among them persons of Serb nationality.

Chairman of the Serbian Assembly’s Committee on Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun told Radio Belgrade that he has not seen any official and checked information about this from state organs.

“Until that happens, this is unchecked information, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that it really happened,” said Drecun.

According to him, it is a fact that arms have been going in various directions illegally from Kosovo for many years, while some of them remained in the province, in the possession of radical Islamists.

He also considers information about 800 armed “KLA veterans” entering Macedonia from Kosovo to be among the “unofficial findings.”

Another crisis was unfolding in majority Albanian villages Lipkovo and Aracinovo in Macedonia in March 2016, when information surfaced about a terrorist group arriving there from Kosovo.

The Macedonian police said at the time that this was not true and that there was no room for panic.

According to the official version, the only thing discovered when several locations were searched was “a group of migrants that the locals held against their will,” Vecernje Novosti is reporting.