Former “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA) leader Ramush Haradinaj threatened Serbia again, adding that if Washington does not return to the Balkans, “they will end the deal” between Belgrade and Pristina.

“Washington is good at completing things between Kosovo and Serbia. If they do not come to help us, then we should not simply wait, we need to do our jobs,” threatened Haradinaj.

“Brussels has to decide, to tell us whether they can finish the job between Kosovo and Serbia. I believe that they can’t, so I’m asking Washington to return to the Balkans. We do not have the luxury to wait,” said Haradinaj.

As reported by the Pristina Television “Klan”, at the party conference held yesterday in Podujevo Haradinaj recalled that the Republic of Serbia continues to have Kosovo and Metohija in its constitution.

“Remember, Serbia still has Kosovo in its constitution. If its not removed from the constitution, why they don’t have the article inthe constitution about Albanian countries that were there once,” asked Haradinaj.

Haradinaj recently threatened that Pristina will add Nis in its constitution, and that was met with sharp reaction from Belgrade.

Minister of internal affairs said that Haradinaj can see Nis only behind bars of a county prison, and the head of diplomacy answered similarly, while the president Tomislav Nikolic marked that “rabid dog got the scent of blood again”.