Former KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army / UCK) leader Ramush Haradinaj, after his return from France, whose government last week refused to extradite him to Serbia to face trial for war crimes, sent a message to the Prime Minister and newly elected President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic “not to play with the Albanians“, the Kosovo newspaper “Gazeta Express” reports.

Haradinaj, who is now leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, said on the television show “Committees” produced by the Pristina “Express” that Vucic perceived Albanians as “soft enemies” and that he had made a bad choice when he decided to “tackle us.“

“Vucic should realize that I am one of those who never give up in the fight, not for a single day. My message to Vucic and others is that you should stop playing with the Albanians” – said Haradinaj.

He claims that Vucic is not an exception compared to the other leaders in the Balkan region and that he is a “very bad politician, who failed to improve the economic situation in Serbia, while the Serbian government takes loans to pay pensions”.

Haradinaj argues that “Vucic doesn’t have the courage to defy the Croats, who made it clear where he belongs.”

– He is left without a single potential enemy he could drive crazy, so he is trying to play with Albanians. He chose to play with me, but he made a bad choice – said Haradinaj.

In the same TV show, he commented on Vucic’s statement that French authorities released him because he will become the vice president of government, and the president of Democratic party of Kosovo (PDK) Kadri Veseli the prime minister, reports “Gazeta Express”.

Haradinaj, according to that, said that he has no plans on potential coalition with PDK and that he respects the decision of the people about forming the future government.