Bakir Izetbegovic says that “even the attempt” of the RS to secede from Bosnia would lead to a conflict with unforeseeable consequences for the Balkans.

Izetbegovic, who represents Bosniaks (Muslims) in the tripartite presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, said this was “the red line” that RS President Milorad Dodik “should under no circumstances cross.”

Izetbegovic told N1 that “conflicts are inevitable” is somebody tried to take “places like Srebrenica” out of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Srebrenica is located in the Serb Republic (RS) – the Serb entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina, whose other entity is the Muslim-Croat Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH).

“Incidents will start slowly and that’s inevitable, and afterwards, serious conflicts, that will draw the Balkans into a bloody dance,” Izetbegovic said, talking about “what might happen.”

For that reason, he continued, he has asked – “via common friends of Balkan statesmen – presidents of Turkey and Russia” – that Dodik be told “not to go into any adventure that would cross the red line.”

Asked about Croatia’s stance toward Bosnia-Herzegovina, Izetbegovic said that Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic was “exaggerating the danger posed by those returning from the wars in Syria and Iraq.”

On the other hand, Izetbegovic sees pressure from Croatia with the goal of affirming “the concept of Herzeg-Bosnia” (a separate Croat entity), which he said was “an attempt to achieve by political means an objective unachieved during the war.”

Croatia, like Serbia, is testing how far it can go in its position toward Bosnia-Herzegovina, and is in that way “showing its disrespect.”

“We need to fight to stop such tendencies and appetites. These are processes,” he has been quoted as saying.

Izetbegovic does not expect the international community to soon launch an initiative to change the Dayton Agreement – the peace treaty that ended the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia – even though he thinks it is “a burden that is causing crises.”

“Through these crises we will mature and in five to ten years create a normal state,” Izetbegovic said.



  1. Oh stop shi*ting on yourself the whole educated world even the Muslims in Bosnia know they are really Serbs who were forced into Islam during the Ottoman Empire. It’s unfortunate how the world laughs at these people in the Balkans and takes complete advantage of them for being so damn stupid. Montenegrins come on? Milo Djukanovic’s family has been threaten by the Albanians it’s the only reason he split a Serbian nation from another Serbian nation. What you people need is a President who is not born in the Balkans who is Serbian and knows that you all are one and will be there for all of you equally. Tito knew what he was doing. Tito knew he was a Catholic Serb he knew to unite his people under one roof. Today its a circus show on the Balkans.

    • Tito was a Croat-Slovene who acted in Britain’s interest. They supported him and lied for him and even gave him credit for the Chetniks’ successes and sabotage operations against the Germans. The British and the U.S. helped Tito and army very heavily with supplies and weapons and then served as his airforce. The U.S. and British were bombing Serbian towns and civilians to soften them up for Tito’s invading army. The Serbs did NOT want communism. It was installed under the gun.
      Tito also killed hundreds of thousands at the very end and after the war. This including many Serb anti-communist civilians. Many more were jailed and oppressed. Tito and his government stole Serbian homes and property in Belgrade for himself and his men. He spent the whole time weakening Serbia while gradually building up the republics, and the communists brought in a large number of Albanians into Kosovo while they forbid the Kosovo Serbs ethnically cleansed in WWII from returning to their property. It was these actions which tipped the demographics of Kosovo towards an ethnic Albanian stronghold.

  2. Kosovo can secede and become a separate nation….but the Republic of Serbia can’t.. Welcome to the new Ottoman/NATO Empire exploiting Serbs for their own purposes until Serbs everywhere decide to wake up and understand they are second-class citizens in the modern world


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