Renowned Russian internet portal warns that after the early elections on June 11, extreme nationalists will reach the authorities in Pristina and they will begin the process of creating a “Greater Albania” and that war criminal Ramush Haradinaj will get one of the most important functions in the new government.

Russian portal points out that pre-election polls predicted a victory of the extreme nationalist movement “Self-determination”, which is openly committed to holding a referendum on the unification of Kosovo and Albania.

As analysts predict, according to Izvestia, Ramush Haradinaj, war criminal and leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, can get a significant role in the new government.

Izvestia said that the threat of a “Greater Albania” was one of the main topics of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic on May 15 in Beijing.

Russian portal explains that the party “Self-determination” is one of the favorites to win the early elections in Kosovo, noting that the political program of the party contains a direct call for the unification of Kosovo with Albania and the referendum on the issue.

“If the pre-election forecasts are correct, our party will win the elections and we will decide on who will be the new prime minister. Our main candidate is former president of the movement Albin Kurti,” said the head of the press service of self-determination.

Experts believe, writes Izvestia, that after the elections, government in Pristina will be formed by radical nationalist whose policy of creating a “Greater Albania” is supported by the West, which has an aim to weaken the position of countries in the region that want to lead an independent foreign policy. This primarily refers to Serbia, which refuses to join NATO and which closely cooperates with Russia in the political, economic and military spheres.

Russian portal states that one of the candidates in the new government of Kosovo is Ramush Haradinaj, whom the court in the French city of Colmar released, in April this year, rejecting the request for his extradition to Serbia for war crimes against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

“The fall of the government of Isa Mustafa can be explained in only one way, and that is American pressure on Kosovo Albanians to accelerate the implementation of the ‘Greater Albania’. Possible return of war criminal Ramush Haradinaj in politics, means aggressive plans of Kosovo Albanians in relation to Serbia and Macedonia,” said in an interview with “Izvestia” Director of the Balkan Center for International Cooperation Viktor Kolbanovski.

Serbian political analyst and head of the Serbian diaspora in the region Dragan Stanojevic also sees a link between the release of Ramush Haradinaj and early elections in Kosovo.

“Haradinaj is a war criminal, as well as the well-known advocate of the idea of a ‘Greater Albania’. Placing these people in leadership positions in the Kosovo government’s is announcement of the start of the conflict. After all, the head of the Albanian community in the Presevo Valley has already announced that this areas will merge with the authorities in Kosovo,” said Stanojevic.

It is important to note, writes the Russian portal, that the political crisis in Kosovo follows the general strengthening of the nationalist feelings of the Albanian population.

In an interview with “Izvestia” researcher of Institute for Slovenian Studies Pyotr Iskenderov points out that at the beginning of January, leaders of Albanian parties gathered in Tirana from all over the Balkans and adopted the “Tirana platform”, which deals with the rights of Albanians in Macedonia and other Balkan countries.

Izvestia concludes that the project of “Greater Albania” will lead to the growth of nationalist sentiment in the Balkans, which will be the beginning of a “new Yugoslav crisis”:

“West, supports Tirana, Pristina and the Albanian minority in the region, which could result in the start of a new round of confrontation that could turn into an armed conflict.”