Opposition parties in Kosovo on May 5 filed a motion of no confidence in the government, in a new attempt to bring down Prime Minister Isa Mustafa’s coalition government, RFE/RL reports.

More than 40 deputies, including 12 from parties that are part of the ruling coalition and some independent members of parliament, signed the motion, which accuses the government of failing to meet its campaign pledges and creating public distrust.

Mustafa, whose conservative LDK party is the second-largest in the 120-seat parliament, has enough votes to survive the no-confidence motion if all or most coalition lawmakers support him.

Parliament’s largest party, the center-right PDK, has yet to give its backing, however.

The parliament will debate the motion on May 10. The opposition will need at least 61 of parliament’s 120 votes to force Mustafa out.

“This is a democratic step that serves the country’s benefit. I hope that when the parliamentary session is held the government will be overthrown,” said Pal Lekaj, head of the opposition party Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

Fueling the move is opposition to legislation proposed by Mustafa’s government to establish a fixed border with Montenegro, a move the European Union has said is needed before it will grant visa-free travel to citizens of Kosovo.

Opposition parties say the border deal would transfer some 8,000 hectares of territory, mostly forested highland, to Montenegro. The government and its supporters in the EU and United States say that is not true.