Montenegrin PM Dusko Markovic, Assembly President Ivan Brajovic, and ruling DPS leader Milo Djukanovic are among the officials on Kremlin’s “black list.”

Podgorica-based daily Pobjeda writes that they are banned from entering Russia.

Citing diplomatic sources, the newspaper said that the list includes government ministers and MPs who supported Montenegro’s membership in NATO.

The Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced it will ask Russia to send them the list, in order to avoid a repeat of the situation earlier this week, when Montenegrin MP Miodrag Vukovic was held in a Moscow airport, and then deported.

However, writes the daily, Moscow is under no obligation, and has no intention, to make this list public.
Pobjeda’s source “close to the Russian diplomacy” also said that the list contains the names of all members of Montenegro’s government, the 46 MPs who voted in favor of NATO membership, and directors of major state-owned companies.



  1. Excellent reaction….If Montenegro is going aid and abet NATO putting a noose around Serbia’s neck, then Russia as Serbia’s ally has no choice but to respond…..Serbia should do the same thing….Unfortunately, however, Vucic is a NATO collaborator.

  2. Finally Russia showing a little stick. But Russia was also an enabler and heavy supporter of the corrupt Montenegrin regime before it turned directly against Russia. Right after the Montenegrin corrupt “independence” vote from union with Serbia, Russia invested most heavily, seeming to think it would be more lucrative or something. But a country which would backstab its closest relatives and partner for the west would do the same against other countries the west doesn’t like.


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