Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said after talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that Montenegro will formally become a member of NATO on June 5, reported RTCG.

“This was an opportunity to open up all the questions of our bilateral relations, but also those concerning the Western Balkans, the European Union and the world,” said Markovic.

Markovic said that Montenegro “used 15 years of peace and stability in the best way” adding that his country will most likely formally become a member of NATO on June 5.

He said that the Montenegrin-US relations have a satisfactory pace, which was especially shown in rapid ratification of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO.

“We talked about issues relating to peace and stability in the Balkans, as a condition for Euro-Atlantic perspective, in circumstances where worrying trends tend to happen, when we have more instability. We agreed that it is primarily the responsibility of the Balkan leaders to find solutions themselves for the vision of the Balkans, which will be European and Euro-Atlantic,” said Montenegrin Prime Minister.

Montenegrin Parliament unanimously adopted the Law on Ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty on April 28, which provides the conditions for Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

The move was followed by protests by NATO opponents who demanded a referendum on the issue.