Foreign ministry of Russian Federation condemned the “aggressive statements” of Ramush Haradinaj addressed to Belgrade and to Serbian leadership.

“We consider unacceptable the lack of adequate response from the patrons of Pristina, primarily the EU and the US to such unbridled extremist statements. Did Western partners considered this normal? Whether such statements are acceptable in modern Europe? Are Washington and Brussels in solidarity with Haradinaj or just can not reason with their wards,” asks the Department for Information of Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation in the statement.

It is noted, with regret, that this development was prompted by the decision of the French court, which, ignoring the legally justified request by Serbia, freed Haradinaj, who is charged with crimes, kidnapping, and business operations which can be considered to be encouraging tensions.

“This shows that the quasi-state of Kosovo is the main source of regional instability and indulgence toward the aspirations for Great Albania can lead to incitement of multi ethnic conflicts and the potential for conflicts in the Balkans,” the statement concludes.