The city authorities in Maribor, Slovenia, have banned Marko Perkovic aka Thompson from holding a concern in this town, as it represents “a security risk.”

The Croatian singer, known for glorifying Ustashas, was to perform in Maribor on Saturday.

The Slovenian police recommended to the city authorities to ban the concert as it may attract Perkovic’s “radical fans from Croatia,” and as “criminal acts could be committed during it,” Tanjug reported, quoting Slovenia’s STA agency.

The concert’s organizer, Milan Trol, said it was “a musical event” and announced he would appeal against the ban.

Maribor Mayor Andrej Fistravec condemn the plan to hold the concert, saying that “iconography and symbolism causing further divisions after WW2” would not be allowed – and that there was “no place for fascism” in his town.

Slovenian Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez also spoke against allowing Perkovic to perform, telling Maribor’s Vecer daily that this was “absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable, as his songs glorify the Ustasha regime and mainly promote intolerance toward non-Croats.”

In the past, Perkovic’s concerts were banned in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Holland and Switzerland, chiefly because of the Ustasha insignia worn by his fans.

Perkovic is the author of the song “Jasenovac and Gradiska Stara” – the names of two NDH death camps – which openly glorify the Ustasha regime and its crimes.

The Ustashas were in power in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a Nazi-allied entity responsible for running death camps for Serbs, Jews, and Roma.