Editor-in-chief of Informer Dragan Vucicevic has called on US Ambassador Kyle Scott to “publicly apologize” to the daily.

Otherwise, Informer’s lawyers will sue Scott “in Serbia and in the United States,” he said late on Thursday.

In a statement published on Informer’s website, Vucicevic said that Scott “for no reason and unprovoked insulted the newspaper in a vulgar manner” and in this way also insulted its readers, “for which we expect professional associations to react.”

Earlier in the day, the ambassador criticized the daily, describing it as “ordinary trash.”

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that his ministry would react.

“That is an unacceptable attitude toward journalists. Nobody has the right to treat the media like that, foreign diplomats least of all,” Dacic told Informer. He added that his ministry will “certainly react on this occasion.”

The Movement of Socialists announced on Thursday that it was “completely inappropriate” for a foreign diplomat to insult a domestic media outlet the way Scott has done.