The police in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac on Friday arrested a US citizen suspected of sexual harassing two women and injuring police officers.

The 52-year-old, whose initials are A.G., sexually harassed two women in a store in this town, and in the street, before fleeing in the direction of the Koricani settlement.

A.G. offered resistance during the arrest by physically assaulting the officers and inflicting light injuries on them.

The US citizen is currently held in custody and will be taken before the Municipal Public Prosecution in Kragujevac.



  1. As an American I’m completely embarrassed by this. I don’t understand why ‘InSerbia News’ doesn’t publish this guy’s name & photo to make an example out of him!! We can’t have arrogant creeps like this thinking that they can get away with this bad behavior just because Serbia is a small country. Don’t encourage this double standard the Westerners have about Eastern Europe & Russia.

  2. How long had he been in Serbia, and what country was he in just before Serbia? There are a lot of these “pick-up artists” who go around trying to get one-night stands in as many countries as possible. Most I think would average 2 decades younger, but there are older ones too.


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