The Belgrade city manager says he has discussed changing regulations in order to incentivize businesses to display their name in Cyrillic.

According to Goran Vesic, he spoke about it with “the appropriate ministry” – while such companies would be granted “discounts.”

Speaking as Day of Slavic Literacy and Culture was being marked, Vesic said this would contribute to “preserving Cyrillic” – although, according to him, “Latin is also a Serb script.”

“We believe that preserving Cyrillic in the era of the internet and globalization is one of our most important tasks,” he said.

Serbia’s official script is the Serbian variant of Cyrillic, while the Latin alphabet is also widely used.

As for the holiday, Vesic noted it was one shared by “all Slavic peoples” – because “Cyril and Methodius, the Greek brothers from Thessaloniki, spread literacy and Christianity among the Slavs.”

“This is not yet an official holiday in Serbia, but here in Belgrade we are talking to the Ministry of Culture and Education, with the goal of this day being marked in schools, and the work of Cyrill and Methodius studied,” Vesic said.