Albanians must decide if they want to fight Haradinaj’s wars and must understand that times have changed and the whole world will not fight those wars for them.

Serbian Labor, Veteran and Social Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said this on Monday, adding that Serbia “takes very seriously” the threats coming from Haradinaj, the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

“An unpunished criminal is always looking to repeat their crime and is always looking to have assistance in the commission of the crime. Albanians must understand that times are not the same as before, and that the wars Haradinaj wants to cause will no longer be fought by the whole world, they will have to do it themselves,” Vulin told reporters.

According to him, Albanians must decide whether they will fight Haradinaj’s wars, and “how many children they have to waste” – because “the world” will no longer go to war with Serbia for the sake of the idea of ​​a Greater Albania.

“The last time he saw the Serbian army, Haradinaj was running. Next time he sees it, he’ll be crawling,” said Vulin.

Serbia takes very seriously the threats made by Haradinaj, because he is a former prime minister “of that which they call Kosovo,” he said.

“This is a man who is an unpunished war criminal, from whom we expect the European Union and the United States to distance themselves, otherwise they will have to live with the consequences of what he did,” said Vulin.

The minister said that Haradinaj’s crimes have not been punished, “and since that’s the case he is threatening to repeat them.”

“Albanians must decide whether they want to fight Haradinaj’s wars. The world will not bomb Serbia again for the sake of a war criminal and a terrorist,” said Vulin.

Albanians must be aware that they will have to fight their own wars and that they will pay for the wars Haradinaj is trying to cause wit the heads of their own children, not with those from the European Union and the United States.

“You will have to pay for it yourselves, and I hope that there is enough reason among the Albanian people to make sure Haradinaj is not speaking on their behalf,” said Vulin.

During elections politicians say what people want to hear, observed the minister, and added tat he was “very concerned if what Haradinaj is saying is what Albanians want to hear.”

“Once again, I ask them if they are sure they should vote for people who want to lead them into war and who want to lead their children into war, in order to make themselves rich and powerful,” said Vulin.

According to him, “this is a question for them, not for us.”

Vulin said that Serbia “will know how to, and will be able to protect itself, its territory and people, regardless of the part of the territory where they live,” and again asked if Albanians are ready to die for Haradinaj’s plans.

“May they be sure that the world in 2017 and that in 1999 are not the same. Never again will such a great power show up to go to war for the idea of ​​’a Greater Albania’,” concluded Vulin.