It’s not the developed Western nations, but the Asian countries, which have welcomed most foreign refugees in recent times. The University of Southern California has prepared a report according to which Pakistan, Iran and Turkey have accommodated a huge number of refugees since 1945. Unfortunately, the majority of 6,500 adults – polled in 12 countries in February and March – believe that the European countries take in the highest number of refugees.

Citing United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) data, the report said that Pakistan, Iran and Turkey have received nearly 10 million refugees and asylum seekers since the WWII. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative (AHI), too, reported that America and Germany have allowed only 3.5 million refugees to take shelter there in last seven decades. Interestingly, 50,000 refugees have been allowed to take shelter in America so far this year under the cap imposed by President Donald Trump’s executive order. The UNHCR has clearly mentioned in its report that 65 million people have been driven from their homes by war and poverty in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.

Talking to the media, Social Scientist at University of Southern California Salpi Ghazarian recently said: “The natural assumption would be that the countries with most capacity would be the ones stepping forward and doing something. These countries actually need to do more.” The director of the University of Southern California’s Institute of Armenian Studies further said that it’s all about matter of perception.

According to Ghazarian, people, surveyed on five continents, mistakenly think that wealthy Western nations are welcoming most refugees as the world grapples with its worst migration crisis in decades. Most respondents thought that the US, France and Germany accepted the largest number of refugees. But the fact is that Pakistan, Iran and Turkey have welcomed 10 million refugees to top the list, while France fails to secure its place among the top 15 nations.

In a sign of “humanitarian morass worldwide”, Armenia-based charity ‘Yerevan’ said that its poll found only a third of respondents were willing to welcome more refugees. The respondents were mainly from France, Germany, Russia, the UK, the US, Turkey, Argentina, Armenia, Iran, Japan, Kenya and Lebanon.

Koushik Das, based in the Indian capital of New Delhi, is a senior news editor with more than 15 years of experience. He also runs a blog - Boundless Ocean of Politics. E-Mail: [email protected]