A protest was held late on Wednesday by opposition parties and citizens, against “the autocratic regime of Aleksandar Vucic and introduction of dictatorship.”

The protest was organized on the day Serbia’s former prime minister assumed presidency.

The protesters assembled on Republic Square at 18:00 hours CET and marched through Terazije, past the National Assembly and the state broadcaster RTS in Takovska Street, and then back to Republic Square after two hours, Beta has reported.

The participants in the drummer-spearheaded march chanted “Not my president” and “Respect the constitution,” while shouts of “We want live coverage” could be heard when the march was outside the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation.

The protesters carried banners reading “The Emperor Is Naked,” “Alek for Marshal,” “Freedom to the Press,” “The People Don’t Forget,” “United Against Dictatorship” and the flags of Serbia and the Movement of Free Citizens.

Among those who took part were Movement of Free Citizens president Sasa Jankovic, Enough Is Enough and Dveri leaders Sasa Radulovic and Bosko Obradovic, and Social Democratic Party president Boris Tadic.

The protest was also joined by presidential candidat Vuk Jeremic, Movement for a Healthy Serbia leader Milan Stamatovic, former Democratic Party of Serbia president Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, MP Dijana Vukomanovic and many MPs of the Democratic Party.

The demonstration recived support from members of the Croatian Civic League, the Sumadija Region, the Hungarian Movement, the New Movement of Novi Pazar and the Against Dictatorship association.
Representatives of the Police Union of Serbia, and several other unions and civic associations were also there.