Almost 88 percent of students of the University of Belgrade believes that Serbia should not become a member of NATO, 39.7 percent would not vote for EU membership, while half believe that Serbia will not become EU member. These are results of the survey “Attitudes of students of the University of Belgrade about foreign policy of Serbia” published on Monday.

Research of the Center for International Public Policy within the project Representatives of Serbian Diplomacy, included 1,323 students from 38 faculties of the University of Belgrade, with the aim to find out how students build their attitude and how they are informed about daily political developments in the country and the world.

Asked if they would vote for Serbia’s membership in the EU at the moment, most students gave a negative answer – 39.7 percent, says the statement.

28.9 percent would vote for the entry, slightly more then eight percent would not vote at all, and 22.4 percent of surveyed students did not have a position on this issue.

Half of the respondents believes that Serbia will not become a member of the European Union, 24 percent that Serbia will enter the EU, and 26 percent of students does not have a formal opinion on this issue.

A little less than 50 percent of respondents believes that the main obstacle to Serbia’s entry into the EU is the issue of the status of Kosovo and Metohija.

Regarding the views on Serbia’s bilateral relations with the countries in the region, students believe that the worst relations we have with Albania, Croatia and Montenegro.