The remains of 14 victims of Serb nationality, killed during armed conflicts in Croatia in 1995, have been identified in Zagreb, Croatia.

This was announced on Tuesday by the Serbian Government’s Commission on Missing Persons.

According to a statement, the remains had been exhumed in Gornje Seliste, Vrbovljani, Sibenik, Zadar and in other locations.

The remains of 13 persons have been identified through DNA analysis, while one victim was identified using “the classical method.”

Their burial will be performed in accordance with the wishes of the families, the statement added.

Between 2001and 2015, 1,371 Serb victims were exhumed from registered graves in the territory of Croatia. These persons were killed during Croatian army and police operations “Flash” and “Storm.” The remains of 919 identified victims have handed over to their families for burial, the statement said.

With this, the process of identifying victims of Serb nationality killed in operations “Flash” and “Storm” in 1995 continued, which is of particular importance to the families, who have been trying for years to find the remains of their missing loved ones, and give them dignified burials.

Tuesday’ identification was carried out at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Criminology of the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, the Commission announced.