Local elections in Split, Croatia are not over yet – 9.46 percent of ballots will be recounted, at the request of Zeljko Kerum, a candidate in the mayoral race.

Croatia’s daily Jutarnji List writes that Davor Grcic, an observer from the Pametno party, revealed the details concerning the invalid ballot papers, and said he was “delighted” by his fellow citizens’ “creativity.”

“I suppose eventually there’ll be about 1,000 suspicious ballots, while Kerum will decide whether they will be taken for graphic analysis,” said Grcic.

By voting in such a way that invalidated ballot papers, citizens “expressed their desire to have a third option,” according to him.

“SpongeBob (SquarePants, cartoon character) has an enviable number of votes, more than former Mayor Ivo Baldasar, while Andro Opara registered without HDZ’s support… the (invalid) ballots that don’t belong to SpongeBob’s voters mostly contain ugly comments at the expense of Kerum and Opara,” Grcic explained.

“Contentious” are also those ballot papers where “unknown perpetrators” circled two candidates, said Grcic.