Ivica Dacic says that military neutrality does not mean only that Serbia will not join NATO – it also means the country will not join any military alliance.

However, continued Serbia’s acting PM and foreign minister, “this does not prevent us from having good relations with the Western military alliance.”

Dacic spoke on Thursday in Belgrade during a break in a conference dubbed “New International Reality – Challenges and Perspectives,” to note that Serbia maintains the highest level of cooperation with NATO because NATO is “all around Serbia.”

Beta also reported that when asked to comment on the strengthening of Russia’s influence in Serbia, Dacic said that “all countries” exert their influence, while the West is to blame for the growth of Russia’s.

“All European countries are sitting on many more chairs than Serbia,” Dacic added.

According to Tanjug’s report, Dacic responded to complaints about Russia’s influence here to say that “those who come to Serbia rarely” should be aware that long-distance love “doesn’t work anywhere, including in politics.”

Dacic also said he would like “all great powers to be interested in Serbia,” and that his country “does not want to lose a single friend.”

The minister dismissed the complaints about Russia’s influence, coming from “those who have themselves to blame.”

“I asked the US administration if they remember who was the last president to visit Serbia, if there are those still alive who remember this – I’m doubtful on this issue – never mind the younger ones. The last British prime minister to arrive in Serbia was Margaret Thatcher.

What are we supposed to have, a long-distance love? That doesn’t work anywhere, including in politics,” Dacic said.