Turkey’s president says “the ideas of some about the unification of Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo into a Greater Albania” are “bad, and unacceptable to Turkey.”

According to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is loudly advocating “respecting sovereignty and integrity of countries in the Balkans.”

“These are bad things. You see what is happening in the Middle East, in Iraq, Syria … We do not want such crises to happen in the Balkans. There are those who try to design such plans for the Balkans, but we must not let them. We advocate respect of sovereignty and integrity of states and this must be understood,” Erdogan told Albania’s Top Channel broadcaster, and added:

“Therefore, such games must no longer be played here in Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia.”

The Turkish president also said that all these countries “should continue on their path.”

Erdogan added that “the differences in each country and society must be recognized and used as a richness” and stressed that “such an understanding of things can help Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries that have this richness.”



  1. Yeah, Erdogpic hates the potential rivalry, since “Albanians” are only the TURKISH remnants of past jihads. All the originally native “ethnic Albanians” (Greek Christians) got genocided out of existence by the Turkish invaders centuries ago! And then those Turks were used by Hitler himself (and later assisted by Bill Clinton) to genocide the Christian Serbs out of their own heartland in Kosovo, too!


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