BRUSSELS – Gross domestic product per capita, according to the purchasing power standard, was 36 percent of the European Union average in 2016 and Serbia is at the bottom of the list, with only FYROM(Macedonia), Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina are ranked worse, said Statistical Agency of the European Union Eurostat.

Of the European Union members the highest GDP per capita according to purchasing power standard has Luxembourg – 267 percent of the European average, at the bottom is Croatia with 59 and Bulgaria with 48 percent of the EU average.

Among the candidates for the European Union Turkey is the best with 62 percent of the EU average, followed by Montenegro with 42, Macedonia with 38, Serbia with 36, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 31 and Albania with 30 percent of the EU average.

Based on the criteria of actual individual consumption per capita, Serba is at 45 percent of the EU average. The worse are Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with 41 and Albania with 39 percent of the EU average.

Luxembourg and Germany have the largest real individual consumption with 132 and 122 percent of the EU average, while Croatia and Bulgaria account for 59 and 53 percent respectively of the EU average.