Former EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton “could become an adviser to the Serbian president,” Sputnik has reported.

Aleksandar Vucic, however, says that they “did not discuss this.”

Vucic and Ashton met at the Serbian Presidency in Belgrade on Monday afternoon, and Sputnik said the reason could be her future role of adviser.

Ashton did not speak to reporters after the meeting, while Vucic told Serbia’s state broadcaster RTS that they discussed “various topics – but not that of any kind of (her) engagement as adviser.”

He described her as “a very hard working, very capable woman” whom he “learned a lot from” and hoped would attend his inauguration later this month.

“I’ve always been able to hear something, learn something from Ashton, and I will always be ready to talk to her,” Vucic told B92.

The ongoing Belrade-Pristina dialogue officially started under Ashton’s guidance; Serbia became a candidate for EU membership while she was in office.

Also on Monday, Vucic received British director and actor Ralph Fiennes, who is in the Serbian capital in search of locations for his new film.