One of the possible candidates for Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj claims he has secured a majority of 61 Members of the Assembly for forming a government.

Former KLA leader, charged by Serbia for war crimes, told Pristina media that there are no word about trade of MPs and that everything is based on “respect of free will”.

“The situation is not as it is presented in the media. In this case, I represent myself, the Alliance and the coalition. This means that I have the right to negotiate, and the parties that negotiate with me have no reason to negotiate with someone else,” Haradnaj said, Koha reports.

The Kosovo Assembly has 120 deputies, and the formation of a government requires a more overwhelming majority.

Haradinaj also said that he has communication with the representatives of the Serb minority in Kosovo, denying the news that they were seeking ministerial posts to enter the coalition, RTS reports.

Haradinaj said he would remain faithful to the PAN coalition (Democratic Party, Alliance for the Future and the Initiative), rejecting all speculations that a coalition between the DSK-ABK-Self-Determination and the Initiative could be created.