Ramush Haradinaj, chairman of Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and a candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections in Kosovo on June 11, did not miss the opportunity to attack Serbia, which he considered an enemy.

In the election interview to the agency Anadolija, Haradinaj said that Pristina will continue the dialogue with Belgrade if Kosovo is respected as “a sovereign, independent state, recognized by many countries”.

Otherwise, he said, if the Serbia behaves like a hostile, Kosovo will respond the same way.

He will represent the interests of Kosovo and decision of the Parliament, he said.

“We do not mean to continue the dialogue just for the dialogue, we are for dialogue if we are fully respected as we are. We will recognize only those who recognize us, we will respect only those who respect us,” said Haradinaj, who already considers that his coalition won on the elections.

Speaking about his 4 month delay in France because of Serbia’s warrant, Haradinaj said that he feels “pleased with his role during the war for the freedom of Kosovo”.

Serbia, he added, condemned and former French President Jacques Chirac for war crimes during the recent conflict in Kosovo.

“Implementation of the 2004 warrant from the Justice that was convicted by their President Chirac’s is a great shame for France, for any country. They didn’t put in prison their president Chirac, while they allowed themselves to arrest former Prime Minister of a country, chosen by people, that is a great absurd,” said Haradinaj for Anadolia.