Beta is reporting on Tuesday that candidate for Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj says the framework so far of “the talks between Kosovo and Serbia” has been “wrong.”

Haradinaj added that “the only precondition for the resumption of dialogue is the recognition of Kosovo.”

According to him, “the institutions of Kosovo made a mistake when they accepted to discuss Kosovo’s internal issues in negotiations with Belgrade.”

“The dialogue with Serbia was placed within wrong frameworks, since Kosovo’s internal issues have been discussed. I am interested in dialogue, but along with mutual recognition. We do not accept to discuss internal issues of Kosovo. If Serbia fails to consider its decision on recognition, we will not chase after a dialogue where internal issues of Kosovo are discussed,” Haradinaj told Albania’s Top Channel TV.

Haradinaj is a candidate for prime minister from the coalition made up of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and the Initiative for Kosovo, which has won the most votes – but does not have the necessary majority to rule alone.