The latest issue of the Balkans edition of Islamic State’s Rumiyah magazine publishes the latest terrorist threats aimed at the countries of the region.

According to the Sarajevo-based website, one article states that Islamic State “has not forgotten the Balkans area, but has merely been preoccupied elsewhere.”

The open threats, sent to Serbs and Croats, stress that IS “has not forgotten the wartime suffering of Muslims.”

The extremists recall the terrorist attacks carried out across the world, and emphasize that those should be taken as “a warning.”

They openly threaten all Balkan countries, with the message that they are “coming back” after being “preoccupied in some other areas.”

“And do you know about France and Germany, those countries to which the flames of our war have spread, and Britain, that though it lived in safety and protected – we pushed its head into the ground and broke its neck. All these countries got arronagant and boastful, and then our strike caught them one by one, and they were left humiliated,” the latest IS threat said, among other things.

In the past, Serbia and other countries in the Balkans have been mentioned as possible targets in messages recorded by jihadist.