BELGRADE – In Serbia, there are 29,415 people who still have refugee status and the state takes care of them, because Serbia belongs to everyone who lives in it, said today the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin.

In the town of Busije near Belgrade he attended manifestation “Krajina songs, games and customs” and laid a wreath at the memorial fountain.

On the occasion Vulin said that since 1991, 618,000 people had refugee status, and that everyone found help in Serbia, safe haven and an opportunity to start a new life.

“Serbia belongs to anyone who lives in it, everyone who came, not matter when and why”, said Vulin.

He stressed that he hopes that the new government of Croatia will have the courage and the desire to solve the problems of Serbs in Croatia.

“To solve problems with their properties, unpaid service, with the inability to get their pensions… I hope that the new Croatian government will have the desire, will and courage to treat the Serbs, especially refugees, but also those who are coming back, as an integral part of its society”, said Vulin.

He indicated that he hopes that the new government in Croatia will successfully fight the Ustasha movement and that it will have the courage to condemn it and stop it and that there are no more boards with writing “For home ready” over Jasenovac martyrs.

“I hope that they will allow Serbs to use Cyrillic letter, to enjoy all rights, not to be removed from the voters lists, that their houses are not demolished, but that they are renewed, to preserve at least a memory of them, instead of destroying and erasing every trace of their cemeteries”, said Vulin.

He said that Serbia will always take care of its people, no matter where they live, as it takes care of all of its citizens, regardless of their origin, what are they called and which nation they belong to.