Torrential rain and flash flooding on Wednesday afternoon in several parts of Serbia caused the death of one person, while 150 others have had to be evacuated.

Dozens of houses have been flooded.

The worst affected were the villages of Uljma, Izbiste, and Susara, near Vrsac, in the northwest. Gendarmes, firefighters, and police officers were all deployed to help evacuate people and pump water out of their homes.

Water was receding on Thursday morning and the situation is stabilizing, according to reports.

An emergency situation was also declared yesterday in some areas of the town of Ivanjica in the southwest. The Belgrade-Nis highway near Umcari was flooded.

Head of the Interior Ministry’s Firefighting and Rescue Unit Dragan Doncevski confirmed for RTS that an elderly woman died in the vicinity of Vrsac, and added that the investigation will show how it happened.

The village of Uljma was also left without electricity last night as the local transformer station was flooded.