Court and Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague are not at all concerned with the current state of health of Ratko Mladic, which is seriously deteriorated, so much that there is a serious risk of stroke and fatal heart attack. The Court has taken none of it into account, and therefore yielded a rational decision when rejecting defense’s request to release Mladic to treatment.

This was written by defense attorneys of the general responding to ICTY decision not to allow Mladic to be treated in a hospital in Moscow.

“We hope that the Appeals Chamber will correct any omissions of the First Instance, in particular taking into account indications that treatment of Mladic in custody is bad and therefore result in consequences threatening his life”, says the response of the defense.

They believe that judges should not rely on the opinion of the detention doctor Falke, because he, with his “expert” reports as they say, prevented treatment of Slobodan Milosevic and Milan Kovacevic outside of detention. Milosevic and Kovacevic soon after the rejection of provisional release died.

The Hague Prosecution previously asked the Appeals Chamber to dismiss the defense motion as unfounded. They say that the Trial Chamber relied on the reports of the doctors who are most informed about Mladic’s health and on the basis of them concluded that for him there is no acute health problem that has not been treated.

“That team of experts believes that he [Mladic] had treatments in accordance to the international standards. On the basis of the series of these reports they concluded that his condition is stable,” says the prosecution.