After Montenegro formally joined NATO, the first official reaction has arrived from Russia.

Sputnik is reporting that Moscow intends to revise cooperation programs with Montenegro

Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Chairman Viktor Ozerov told the agency on Monday that the programs in question include those in the sphere of military and technical cooperation.

“The revision will show whether some of the programs will be canceled or reconsidered. In any case, the agreements with Montenegro will be subjected to revision after its joining NATO,” Ozerov said, noting that no agreements with Montenegro would be canceled automatically.

“However, the Russian National Security Doctrine, approved by the president, calls NATO one of the main threats to the national security and the agreements with Montenegro would be considered from this perspective,” Ozerov noted.

As Montenegro officially became a NATO member on Monday, the country’s prime minister, Dusko Markovic, said this meant Podgorica “managed to resist Moscow’s pressure.”

It emerged last week that both countries had black lists of officials that they banned from entry, while media reports suggested that the reason behind the strained relations was precisely Montenegro’s membership in the Western military alliance.