Marija Obradovic, a deputy leader of the ruling SNS, says that the party’s MPs have supported Aleksandar Vucic’s decision to nominate Ana Brnabic for PM.

The Serbian president and SNS leader earlier on Monday held a meeting with SNS members of the Serbian National Assembly, amid reports of dissent in their ranks on this issue.

However, speaking after the meeting, Obradovic also said that “it remains to be seen” if the ruling coalition will be able to count on 128 votes in favor – adding that this will be known by Thursday.

Unless 128 Assembly members support Brnabic – despite the fact that a majority requires 126 votes in Serbia’s 250-seat parliament – early parliamentary elections will be held, Obradovic announced. Journalists had no luck insisting that she explains why the number 128 was chosen. Instead, Obradovic criticized them for asking.

Although she underlined several times that the SNS position on supporting Vucic’s decision was “unanimous,” Obradovic failed to answer several questions about whether any of the party’s top officials were opposed to Brnabic as PM.

She said it was “hard to expect 100 people to think the same” and that if that were the case, “the SNS would not be what it is.”

Obradovic observed that those who vote against Brnabic will also vote against the government, and asked “how, in that case, can they be a part of that same government.”
Asked why they were uncertain of receiving support for the nomination, Obradovic replied, “More discussions need to be had.”

Vucic addressed reporters earlier to say he believed “everything will be alright.” He gave the same answer when asked about the number of ministries Ivica Dacic’s SPS was demanding.
Obradovic also addressed this point.

“There have been those who are not in favor of the SPS being in the government, Vucic listened to that, but he wants strong cooperation with the Socialists (SPS),” she said.