Consultations about the forming and the composition of Serbia’s next government are now in the final phase, state broadcaster RTS reported on Thursday.

According to the report, a majority of 156 members of the Serbian National Assembly (“people’s deputies”) has been secured to vote Ana Brnabic’s cabinet in.

All ruling coalition parties – except United Serbia (JS) and two deputies from Muamer Zukorlic’s Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandzak – have announced they will vote in favor of the nomination.

During the day on Thursday, or on Friday, the draft changes to the Law on Ministries should also arrive to the Assembly, RTS said.

Once this happens, Assembly President Maja Gojkovic will schedule a sitting under urgent procedure, as expected, for Saturday.

Deputies will then – most likely on Wednesday and Thursday – debate the new government, and if elected, Brnabic and members of her cabinet should be sworn in by June 30.