The recent flooding in some parts of Serbia which resulted in 1 dead and 150 evacuated from their water-filled home, has drawn our attention on climate change again.

The global warming debate over scientific conclusions on climate change on whether climate change will result in the complete destruction on our planet has sparked further global discussions.

It is well documented that climate change has caused severe destruction in our eco systems and has impacted the environment. The destructive impacts of climate change are observable followed by the dramatic growth in the cost of related damages.

The study of NASA and University of California shows that icebergs in west Antarctica are speeding up to melt, which will directly leads to the rise of sea levels.

In Europe, there has been an increase in the incidence of coastal flooding and storms appertaining to the rising sea levels, in the meanwhile millions of people in Africa are suffering from water stress.

In Asia, many people have lost their lives because of the disease related to the floods and droughts.

In North America, some cities have experienced intensive heat waves, while many areas in Latin America have suffered species extinction.

Warming has occurred since the 1970s in the Britain. In 2014, floods affected millions of British people in some areas of the UK, destroying their homes and businesses. Floods show risk of ignoring climate change, said Prince Charles.

Different factors impact and are attributable to the climate, but climate change is mainly caused by the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is possibly too late to be stopped because the emission of the Carbon Dioxide continues unabated. Global warming has already occurred for several decades and reversal if at all possible will take many decades to correct.