The Serbian parliament has elected Ana Brnabic as the country’s prime minister. As many as 157 parliament members supported Brnabic, nominated by the president, while 55 voted against her.

“A decision has been made,” said Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic.

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic nominated the Western-educated Brnabic for the post two weeks ago amid opposition from hard-line nationalists.

Vucic’s move was widely seen as an attempt to calm Western concerns that Serbia is getting too close to Russia, including having enhanced military cooperation and ties, despite its proclaimed goal of joining the European Union.

Brnabic has said Serbia’s EU integration will be a priority along with maintaining good relations with Russia, China, and the United States. But her government includes openly anti-Western ministers who are staunchly against joining the EU.

Brnabic named as her deputy Nenad Popovic, a well known businessman with strong links to Russia.

Vucic is likely to remain the country’s main leader. He has faced accusations of imposing an autocratic rule by muzzling free speech and media freedoms.