NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg does not plan to travel to Skopje, but expects Macedonian (FYROM) Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to visit NATO in Brussels on Monday.

This has been stated by an official at NATO headquarters, who in this way denied media reports that Stoltenberg would be in Skopje in mid-July to discuss the accession of Macedonia to NATO – since the authorities in Skopje have allegedly expressed willingness to make a deal with Greece regarding the name dispute.

The NATO source stressed that the organization supports efforts to “urgently launch necessary reforms, including establishing the good work of the government and the rule of law” in Macedonia.

Stoltenberg and NATO members have provided strong support to Zaev’s efforts form a government after the election crisis, but the official at the headquarters of the alliance wanted to underline that reforms, which NATO says are necessary, would make Macedonia “a stronger and more democratic country.”

The official in Brussels said that “NATO’s door remains open” to Macedonia, pointing to decisions from the last two meetings of NATO leaders which confirmed this, but said that a possible invitation to Macedonia to join is a decision that must be made by all members of NATO, including Greece, which is for the time being blocking it.



  1. Zaev’s first task should be to De Antiquate this place. Gruevski’s cultural engineering program needs to be reversed. Psychologists, historians, academics and social workers need to be brought in from abroad to start counselling the Slavic population. The school curriculum needs to be corrected. The building facades of heritage buildings need to be removed. The airports need to be renamed and the Hellenic Antiquity references need to disappear. The healing process will take decades. The dual language co-existence platform can only be created for Slav and Albanian with international support. EU membership needs to be vigorously pursued once the name dispute with Greece is put to bed. The new name will allow the nation to be taken seriously by the world community. Since 1991 it has struggled to be accepted as a legitimate entity because of its falsified identity.


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