The US-led international coalition fighting Daesh terrorists in Syria announced on Tuesday that it had launched a strike on the Syrian pro-government forces as they had entered an established US-Russian de-confliction zone near the town of al-Tanf.

A well-informed source told Sputnik on Tuesday that at least two Syrian army servicemen were killed and more than 15 were injured as a result of the attack.

“The blood of the sons of Syria, the Syrian Arab army and its allies is not cheap, and we have capabilities to attack their [US] positions in Syria and surroundings if it is necessary, taking into account the availability of rocket and different military launchers,” the headquarters said in a statement.

The Syrian allies called the US actions “a coward aggression” and accused Washington of “hypocrisy” in its fight against terrorism.

The fact that the retaliatory actions have not been carried out yet was explained by the allied forces as their self-control, but they added that the response will take place if the coalition crosses “red lines.”

The previous strike on the Syrian government forces was conducted by the US-led coalition on May 18. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov characterized the strikes as illegal and carried out in violation of Syria’s sovereignty.